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Al-Bilad Arabia Co. Ltd.


Create a safe, healthy and attractive environment for our workforce in order to provide high quality innovative services to our clients that do not just meet their expectations, but EXCEED them.


Develop and execute high quality innovative services to our clients within their set budget in order to establish a long term partnership with them.


We seek “Customer Satisfaction” through Innovation, Quality & Commitment by adopting the latest SAP innovations, CMMI standards to provide our clients with QUALITY deliverables.


  • The new market realities and dynamics that energy companies face require the ability to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly. SAP solutions provide this clarity – and enable the closed loop management of business performance at both the enterprise and operational levels. SAP’s leading-edge technology – including in-memory computing, analytics, mobile, and cloud help maximize your performance and minimize your costs.

    At ABA & BK, we support our clients by providing SAP based technologies catering to the oil & gas sector, which are equipped to take on market dynamisms. We help our clients to be prepared for and to manage unforeseen developments, run smooth operations and stay ahead.

    With our deep understanding of oil and gas operations, our culture, risk mitigation methods and strategic solutions, our consultants can investigate changes from the point of view of how it will impact our client’s activities. So enterprises are ensured real-time visibility to keep with regulatory changes, ensure operational efficiency and out-rival the competition.

    Our SAP solutions for oil and gas will improve client satisfaction and leverages new innovations in exploration, extraction and delivery.

  • Maximize visibility and process efficiency across your organization with SAP’s innovative solutions for the chemicals industry. Designed for businesses large and small, these solutions from SAP can help you improve asset performance and utilization, fulfill customer demands, drive profitable order fulfillment, gain greater return on product innovation, secure new revenue streams and protect brand reputation.

    At ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can integrate various SAP platforms for operational excellence via process and product innovation techniques, enterprise planning and more to provide our clients with a business value driven approach, including the adoption SAP’s best practices for the chemicals sector.

  • Streamline your manufacturing processes from design to delivery with SAP’s manufacturing solutions, whether you have one plant or many. This will enable you to sync internal production operations with customer demand, provide role-specific manufacturing information to staff, track material and products across the value chain, facilitate handover between development and manufacturing, establish environmental health & safety measures, manage change to product manufacturing and simplify the user experience on any device (with SAP Fiori).

    At ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can offer solutions based on SAP’s software for manufacturing enterprises of various scales, sizes, product types that can optimize manufacturing and engineering platforms, adapt operations for new markets, and expedite rollouts. These will result in increased process efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced productivity and profitability, transformational changes in value chain and customer focused results.

  • Drive profitable growth with SAP innovative solutions for the engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) industry. Better manage your projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations. Make faster, more informed decisions with access to real-time information. Improve your win rates, and project profitability, with SAP’s tendering and estimating solutions for construction and engineering companies. Assess complex project requirements using collaborative, multidimensional design and estimation tools. Quickly produce accurate and competitive bids and speed the entire bid to contract award process.

    We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants understand these needs and assists our EC&0 clients in attaining projects with increased efficiencies and visibilities. Our SAP based solutions are engineered for the specific domain to lower risks, improve profit margins and better cost controls.

    Our EC&O clients can expand their business with the right consultancy services from our consultants. We give you the support to improve your projects, train your workforce, and enhance equipment and financial performance. Also, our next generation Mobility and Cloud solutions automate site activities to boost resource utilization and throughput.

  • SAP can provide the best possible services, security, and infrastructure for the public sector and make the most of your resources. SAP solutions can help you fulfill your mandates and improve livability for all citizens from delivering more balanced budgets and improved community services to enhancing citizen interaction and safety.

    With SAP solutions for the public sector, you can optimize performance with efficient integrated financial processes, reduce audit and control gaps between operations and financial reporting, boost productivity and accountability with activity-based costing and performance-based budgeting, seamlessly integrate budgets with funds management and support government grant processes, pre-award and post-award.

    We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can offer innovative SAP based solutions for all levels of government businesses facing infrastructure and monetary management challenges and help in seizing new opportunities. Further, we provide public enterprises with the very best of solutions, which in turn impact the citizens.
    Our public sector solutions provide process and productivity efficiency while enhancing business results. This is a vital driver for productive execution in order to realize mandates and improve the quality of life for citizens. As an outcome, you can benefit from balanced budgets, productivity of services, dynamic citizen engagement, safe communities, enhanced community services and optimal public and social services.

  • Graduate to the next level of performance with best-in-class SAP software to help your higher education or research institution run better. Boost your international ranking and reputation through superior streamlined research processes, improved student performance & services, and smarter financial management. Drive leadership and learning with more revenue and endowment funds, safer research and improved intellectual property management and analytics. Find out why public and private universities, research agencies, and medical colleges around the world are relying on SAP to help them improve their performance and their international reputations. With SAP innovative solutions for education you can leverage analytics to make better educational and research decisions & faster, assess operational and educational performance in real time, improve financial integrity while delivering unique student services, free researchers to focus on results by automating administrative processes, provide transparency and accountability to benefactors and donors and use the latest technology to ensure the safety of faculty and students.

    We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can provide educational institutions with SAP based solutions in order to confront new industry challenges, while extracting quality with optimal cost efficiencies. Our SAP solutions create scope for tremendous leadership and learning by taking higher education and research to unsurpassed levels.

    With us, educational institutes can improve their institutions ranking and standing by taking advantage of our measurable business value through transformation, innovation and efficiency across departments.

    Our education planning and management suites help in accelerating student performances, support superior research, and streamline financial and administrative functions. We provide schools, colleges and universities of different sizes and statures, customized SAP solutions to upgrade and redesign both the quality of education and the overall reputation of the organization.

    As a result, our clients in the education sector can enjoy increased revenue and endowment funding, enhanced student retention and performance, improved institutional ranking and status, greater staff productivity, smart budgeting and financial management within departments, best-in-class intellectual property management and management analytics, restructured HR practices, enhanced campus recruitment standards and superior research quality and safety.

  • Excel in the new energy era by plugging in to proven SAP software for the utilities industry. SAP can help you optimize plant and grid operations, improve return on assets, and gain a real-time view of customers, all to help you reach your growth potential. From cutting-edge smart grid analytics to energy revolution management, SAP has everything you need to become a best-run utility.

    We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can help you power your transformation with SAP solutions for the utilities industry, improve energy procurement, make smart grids a reality, and meet your expectations with responsible environmental resource management and personalized service, all while remaining profitable. As a result of that, our clients can get a single, real-time view of their operations, boost plant and grid efficiency, identify and exploit profitable segments for growth with powerful analytics, consistently meet market demand with new energy products and services, integrate their data, processes, and reporting for faster time to insight and gain greater control over operational equipment to reduce risk and maximize uptime.

    Empower and engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders in new and innovative ways with mobile software solutions from SAP. Our industry-leading technology can deliver extraordinary impact across your organization, transforming everything from business transactions to consumer interactions.
    SAP Mobility solutions give your employees and customers more freedom and flexibility in how they interact with you. You can offer your customers better service and provide your employees with secure access to important tools and data anywhere, anytime, using their own mobile devices. In this way, you can empower mobile users with more flexibility and options in the new “customer first” economy, rapidly innovate to deliver user-centric mobile solutions for employees, consumers, and partners, lower your total cost of ownership by streamlining operations and processes and protect yourself against security risks and challenges at the device, app, and content levels.
    Since mobile data is shared and exchanged in micro-second speed, enterprises need secure yet cost effective Mobility solutions. We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants can offer secured SAP’s Mobility solutions which are specifically devised for businesses to give the absolute power of controlling, retrieving & sharing the data whenever and wherever needed.

    Analyze big data at the speed of thought and drive rapid innovation with SAP’s market-leading in-memory platform, SAP HANA. Optimized for both transactional and analytical processing, it’s no surprise that SAP HANA is the clear leader in the in-memory market.
    The revolutionary “In Memory Computing”, SAP HANA empowers customers to analyze big data from virtually any source, in real time. SAP HANA enables users to explore and analyze all transactional and analytical data in real time from virtually any data source. Thus enterprises can dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, sentiment data processing, and predictive capabilities, with this exceptional platform. Its configurability, easy integration, and revolutionary capabilities make it flexible. This makes transformational agility effortless.
    We at ABA & BK, our experienced consultants offer SAP HANA solutions that help source immediate responses for all business questions, even regarding big data. We also can get to the bottom of interactive, complication issues by getting to the core data. Thus, we can cut down the time required for results by delivering results in split seconds. Additionally, we use data latency caused by ETL through real-time application.

    Our experienced SAP HANA consultants can offer the following services:

    HANA Consulting
    HANA consulting consists of four distinct entities, each with specialized features. HANA Readiness Assessment helps enterprises closely examine their business and map HANA fitment.
    HANA Instance Sizing recommends HANA sizing and data replication options while Hardware Procurement looks into the purchasing of HANA appliances at an optimal cost. Then there is Project Charter for the preparation of the HANA implementation project plan.

    HANA Implementation
    This vertical consists of SAP BW Upgrade & SAP HANA Conversion to enable the migration of existing SAP Net weaver Business Warehouse into SAP HANA, along with “SAP Business Suite on HANA” for new SAP Business Suite implementation on SAP HANA.

    HANA Migration
    Migrations of two types operate under this. There are SAP Applications, where in there is the migrating of existing SAP application DB into SAP HANA DB. There are also Non-SAP Applications with non-SAP legacy data migration into SAP HANA using SAP Landscape Transformation and Data Services.

    HANA Support
    This includes end-to-end HANA Support Services administration with expertise fronts such as monitoring and support, HANA component upgrade and HANA fine tuning.