Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of understanding

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University


Baas International Group

BIG and imam abdulrahman bin faisal university agreed on a research for Traffic and Safety which focusing on the heavy equipment and ports.

This research will be a bridge between the university and the companies that work in port services which will create new jobs for the upcoming graduated student in the field of Traffic and Transportation Engineering.



The objectives of this study include the following:

  1. i) Detailed investigation of overall safety in Riyadh Dry port, with special emphasis on traffic safety
  2. ii) In-depth review of traffic safety operations from freight logistics and a perspective on geometric design of roads / corridors in the dry port vicinity

iii) Devising the traffic congestion mitigation strategies based on i) and ii)

  1. iv) Implementation of traffic safety improvements identified thereof.