Oil & Gas Technology

Oil & Gas Division

  • BIG Oil & Gas business unit represents a unique emerging model of expert technology integration and innovation by demand.  The model is directly driven by our accurate understanding of the customers’ requirements and the nature of existing operational problems.  This enables BIG O&G to design the most efficient and cost-effective approach to address these requirements.

    BIG O&G prides itself on its ability to be the most serious and qualified technology integrator for customer solutions out of Saudi Arabia.  We leverage our extensive knowledge of the most chronic technical and operational limitations of our customers to integrate the most effective technology suite to address these limitations and enhance operational flexibility in a rather holistic approach to ensure highest return on investment for our customers.

    Our customers are actively seeking new dimensions for higher efficiency unconventional resources development technologies to produce their deep, hot and tight oil and gas reservoirs.   This requires cutting-edge technologies in hydraulic fracturing techniques, chemicals and downhole completion hardware to get the job done.   BIG focuses on exotic downhole well completion jewelry as a strong enabler of prolonged and sustainable production from deep, hot and tight hydrocarbon reservoirs.

    For any and all types of production-enhancement completion designs, downhole isolation always comes at a prime! META Downhole Limited, our BIG strategic partners, have uncovered the secrets of Metalmorphology™ science and have developed the technique which insures downhole isolation integrity for the life of the well.

  • V0 ISO14310 certified Liner Tieback system enables operators to connect their liners to a tieback string of casing through a full axial load bearing metal-to-metal seal.

    Casing Reconnect allows operators to replace damaged or stuck casing by cutting the original damaged casing and deploying the Casing Reconnect.  The metal-to-metal technology reconnects the existing casing to the new casing to create a high axial load bearing connection. No elastomers, no reduction in ID, 98% reliability and a well integrity solution across the life of the well.

    The Open Hole Barrier is the ultimate downhole isolation packer for the most adverse well conditions. With a morphing ratio of over 60% and its differential pressure capabilities, this durable and reliable barrier sets instantly, conforming perfectly to the open hole. Lasting for the lifetime of the well and exceeding the capabilities of cement it gives operators that much needed peace of mind. Multiple barriers can be morphed and set from surface, saving valuable time and resources. The barriers are attached to base casing and are resistant to any degradation from produced fluids. Contact force is also maintained in the most challenging gas production and injection environments.

    Installing a casing/liner Clad below an existing Clad is an everlasting challenge to all operators having to deal with aged wells and trying to maintain some residual flexibility of future intervention post clad.  The META Internal Clad™ solution addresses these issues while enhancing well productivity through the world’s first rig-less ‘clad through clad’ system. Field proven, the Meta Internal Clad, has allowed identical clads to be installed below already installed clads with no significant ID reductions, reinstating well integrity and therefore enabling production to be brought back to full capacity.

    Effective in highly challenging well environments with tool flexibility allowing the internal clad to pass through highly deviated sections of a well, the ability to isolate selected zones without significant ID restrictions brings an end to the limitations of ‘bottom-up’ production and means that operators maintain well access for future interventions.

    In recent years, horizontal well technology has evolved as the most favorable option in drilling and completing deep and tight reservoirs as opposed to the conventional vertical and deviated well profiles. The advantages include maximum reservoir contact, higher production rate and better access to hydrocarbon reserves.

    Lateral segmentation into “stages” or “intervals” whether it be open hole and/or cased & cemented application has presented itself as the most efficient well construction concept for individual selective treatment, production and isolation of each “stage”.

  • BIG Oil & Gas has its solid existence and competitive market position as an approved and qualified integrated marine service contractor providing various types and classes of marine vessels and utility boats to Saudi Aramco and its offshore contractors.

    With an active joint venture arrangement with Global Marine Services, BAAS Global Marine is accredited by Lloyd’s Register for ISM and ISO 9001 and is also a member of IMCA and BIMCO.  Our service portfolio includes:

    • Conduct STS , SPM & SBM operations in offshore fields
    • Perform tanker Berthing / Un-berthing operation in oil and gas terminals
    • Provide oil fields, platform and drilling rigs with Supply and Utility vessels
    • Conduct offshore rig moves by powerful Anchor Handling / Towing vessels in The Gulf
    • High speed Crew and Passenger boats
    • Offshore logistics (fresh water – gas oil – provision – oil field supplies) by different vessels.
    • Provide assistance to oilfield construction companies by powerful Anchor Handling tugs.