Saudi Railway Organization


Saudi Railway Organization


Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) is the parent body that owns Riyadh Dry Port. The port was started in 1982 under the patronage of SRO. Together with Saudi Customs, which handles all Inspection of Cargo/Containers SRO has been instrumental in managing the port in the past. Baas International Group was awarded the contract to Operate, Maintain and Develop the Port in 2012 and since then BIG in joint partnership with SRO has been able to make sweeping changes inside the dry port.

Operations: SRO runs and operates the wagon trains from Dammam to Riyadh. Every day an average of 6-7 trains carrying 700-900 containers are loaded at King Abdul Aziz Sea Port Dammam and eventually arrive at Riyadh Dry Port. SRO has both DOUBLE WAGONS which can carry Twenty Foot Container’s (2) and Forty Foot Container (1). Normal Wagons are designed to carry a single Twenty Foot Container or a single Forty Foot Container. SRO also runs Reefer Trains equipped with Generators to carry Refrigerated Cargo. In addition to this SRO also run special wagons to handle RORO cargo.

In partnership with SRO, we have made a lot of improvements to the dry port, starting with the implementation of the world’s most advanced Terminal Operating System; the software developers “NAVIS” and bringing in an integrated portfolio of automation technologies to leverage the capabilities of the NAVIS system. Our Riyadh Dry Port was the world’s first port to implement the latest version of NAVIS called N4 2.3 and, to date, remains the only port in Saudi Arabia running NAVIS N4 2.3 linked to SAP. As a result of this pioneering initiative, BPS was recently presented with the “Award of Recognition” in the “Customer Impact” Category at NAVIS World 2015 in San Francisco California.

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